Mgr. Inès B. Limberg

Personal Development Counselling

Inès B. Limberg

Mgr. Inès B. Limberg

I'm offering guidance in self-discovery and personal growth, guidance in grieving and support with difficult life situations and crisis. I can accompany you in handling stress, anxiety, depressive states, problems in interpersonal relationships, feelings of inferiority and emptiness.

I treat each client individually, respectful of their origins, culture and unique life journey. My work with the client is completely confidential, based on mutual trust, respect, privacy and feeling of safety. I specify in therapy for adult clients. I am not a health worker and I do not provide official diagnosis.

I provide consultations not only in Slovak but also in English, Spanish and French.

Professional Education

Long term specialised education:

Psychodynamic psychotherapy - theoretical knowledge (120 hours), Group psychotherapy - personal experience (350 hours) - Institute of Psychotherapy in Brno

Individual psychotherapy - personal experience (more than 350 hours)

Supervision – long term

Drama therapy and art therapy group activities - Association of People with Mental Health Issues, their Family and Friends - Rehabilitation Centre Krídla

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program (Dr. Stephen Porges, Staci Haines, Dr. Peter A Levine, Nkem Ndefo, Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Dr. Sara King, Dr. Pat Ogden...) – The Embody Lab - ongoing

Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in mind (Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT) – Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Seminars Ireland (PCPSI) - ongoing

Short term specialised education:

Slovak Institute of Psycho-Traumatology and EMDR:

Experience, Strength and Hope in Healing Trauma: Sharing the Wisdom of 12 Steps of the AA (Mgr. Hana Vojtová)
Understanding Trauma and Dissociation through Neurobiology and Attachment(Mgr. Hana Vojtová)
Trauma, Attachment and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) (Kathryn Livingston BEM, Melanie Goodwin, England)
Compassion with Self – How to Grow and Understand It (Mgr. Hana Vojtová)
Diagnosis and Therapy of Dissociative Disorders (Suzette Boon, PhD., Netherlands)
Diagnostické interview TADS-I (Suzette Boon, PhD., Netherlands)
12 Steps of the AA in Healing Trauma (Mgr. Hana Vojtová)
The Scale of Dissociative Experiences (Mgr. Hana Vojtová)
Posttraumatic dissociation: questions and answers (Mgr. Hana Vojtová)

Pro mente sana, Bratislava:

Autogenic training I. – Basic Degree (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.)
Topic Oriented Interaction (T.O.I.) Focused on Emotions (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.)
Hypnosis (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.)
Attachment (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.)
Attachment and psychological trauma (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.; MUDr.Natália Kaščáková, PhD; Mgr. Mária Verešová)
Interpretation of dreams: individual and group therapy (Prof. MUDr. Jozef Hašto, PhD.)

Summer School of Children's Attachment Psychotherapy (Mudr. Peter Pöthe, Czech Republic) - Institute of Psychotherapy for Parents and Children – IPDAR

Envy and Jealousy (Mudr. Peter Pöthe, Czech Republic) - Institute of Psychology, o. z.

Development of Relationships from Birth to Adulthood (Mudr. Peter Pöthe, Czech Republic) - Inspire Academy

Compassion Focused Therapy (Nicola Petrocchi, PhD., Psy.D., Italy) - The Compassionate Mind Italia & Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences UK

Art Therapy Interventions for Traumatised Children (Cornelia Elbrecht, Australia) - Terrain, Institute of Heathy Development

Healing the Traumatized Self (Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD.) – Instituto Cuatro Ciclos

Foundations of Trauma (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD) – Collectively Rooted

Neuroscience and the Frontiers of Trauma Treatment (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD) – Collectively Rooted

A Dialogue with Bessel van der Kolk – 4 Week Course (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD) – Collectively Rooted

Developmental Trauma (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD) – The Master Series

Somatic Experiencing and Trauma (Dr. Peter Levine) – The Master Series

Healing Trauma (Dr. Peter Levine) – The Embody Lab

Polyvagal Theory: Claiming our Evolutionary Heritage as a Social Species (Dr. Stephen Porges) – The Master Series

Manual for Dealing with Panic and Anxiety (MUDr. Radkin Honzák, CSc., Czech Republic) - Inspire Academy

Love, Loss and what matters in the End (Irvin D. Yalom, MD, USA) - The School of Life

Understanding Fearful-Avoidant Attachment (Dr. Lisa Firestone, USA) - Psychalive

Gender Incongruity, Gender Dysphoria (PhDr. Jaromíra Jánošková, Slovakia)

The many faces of dissociation: Concepts and phenomenology of dissociation and dissociative disorders (Prof. Vedat Sar, Prof. Martin Dorahy) – European Society for Trauma & Dissociation (ESTD)

The evidence for the trauma-dissociation relationship and the validity of the DID-diagnosis (Constance Dalenberg, PhD., Simone Reinders, PhD.) – European Society for Trauma & Dissociation (ESTD)

TRE - intro (trauma/tension release exercises) (Dave Laya Guleng. Sweden) - o.z. Fascinujúce deti a Jaspire s.r.o.

Dynamic Psychotherapy - Narcissism as a Social Pathology - Pinel's Hospital, Pezinok, Slovakia

Oxytocin: Biological Guide through Motherhood (Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg, Sweden) - Family Support Association z.s.

"Who am I? When There's No Authentic Answer." Existencial Analysis of Narcissistic and Hystrionic Personality Dynamics (PhDr. Petra Klastová Pappová, PhD., Mgr. Zuzana Hitková, Slovakia) - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Association, SLEA

Transactional Analysis in Organisations (Julie Hay, England) - Slovak Transactional Analysis Association, ATA

Understanding Emotions through Art Therapy (Mgr. Katarína Mihinová) - Artea

Helping Relationship – Transference and Countertransferce (Mgr. Vladimír Hambálek, PhDr. Ivan Valkovič, Slovakia) - Coachingplus, o. z

Multidisciplinary Interventions in Divorce (Mgr. Vladimír Hambálek, PhDr. Ivan Valkovič, Slovakia) - Coachingplus, o. z.

Academical Education:
Psychology - Psychological Faculty at PEVŠ, Bratislava, Slovakia - Bachelors Degree
French and Spanish Language - Faculty of Humanities at UMB, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia – Masters Degree